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Los Altos High and Mountain View High Ranks In the Top 1% of High School in the Nation


25,000 public high schools nationwide, Los Altos High ranked 71st (up from 132nd in 2013) and Mountain View High ranked 189th (up from 229th in 2013)…..

Each year, Newsweek ranks the nation’s high schools that best prepares students for college. The rankings, released last week, shows that Los Altos and Mountain View high schools ranks in the top 1 percent nationally! That’s great news for parents hoping to increase their children’s chances of getting into the universities and colleges of their choice. More details about Newsweek’s ranking was published in a Los Altos Town Crier article (see below).

Local high schools earn Newsweek Rankings

Published on Wednesday, 17 September 2014 01:01

Written by Los Altos Town Crier Staff – Town Crier Report

Of the more than 25,000 public high schools nationwide recently reviewed by Newsweek magazine, Los Altos High School ranked 71st and Mountain View High School ranked 189th.

Last year Los Altos High came in at 132nd and Mountain View High at 229th.

The rankings, released last week, place Los Altos and Mountain View high schools in the top 1 percent nationally. The California state ranking of Los Altos was 10th and Mountain View High School 31st.

Newsweek’s rankings reflect the characteristics of schools that best prepare students for college – enrollment in college-bound courses, graduation rate, Advanced Placement rate, SAT/ACT scores, student mobility and counselor-to-student ratio. The rankings are especially noteworthy given the Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District’s 20 percent enrollment of low-income students.

Mountain View High science teacher Kim Rogers attributed the district’s high rankings to “strong programs like English Language Development, AVID (Advancement During Individual Determination), Study Skills and Outreach strategies.”

“We have created a culture among the faculty that translates into a safe and supportive environment for students within the classroom,” Rogers said. “Starting with open access for all, the staff has continued the work on developing a growth mindset by putting in place best practices, rethinking the meaning of grading and assessment and working collaboratively to meet every student where they may be in their academic journeys.”

According to Marcia Wold, Mountain View High math coordinator, the success at Mountain View reflects the daily dedication of teachers.

“We are proud of our efforts and will continue to work as hard as possible for all students to succeed,” she said.

Michael Moul, Los Altos High English department coordinator, credited the success to collaboration.

“In the English Department, all courses have been aligned to the extent that students experience the same curriculum and assessment methods, at the same time, no matter which teacher they happen to have,” he said. “This level of alignment means that teachers have to work together to plan units and lessons, and can therefore lean on one another for help and support when they need it.”

Santa Clara County boasts many of the top-ranked 500 high schools in the country. Following are Newsweek’s 2014 national rankings for the top eight local Best High Schools based on college readiness. State rankings are in parenthesis.

  • Gunn High, 38th (4th)
  • Leland High, 54th (6th)
  • Palo Alto High, 56th (7th)
  • Los Altos High, 71st (10th)
  • Monte Vista High, 74th (11th)
  • Mountain View High, 189th (31st)
  • Homestead High, 403rd (51st)
  • Cupertino High, 491st (61st)

Following are the rankings for the Newsweek Beating the Odds schools, rated on how well they educate low-income students.

  • Gunn High, 61st
  • Leland High, 62nd
  • Palo Alto High, 146th
  • Los Altos High, 165th
  • Monte Vista High, 240th
  • Mountain View High, 303rd
  • Carlmont High, 492nd

For more information, visit newsweek.com/topic/high-schools.