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Testimonials from Recent Buyers

"Hiep helped us buy our home in North Los Altos and also helped us sell a house in another town on the peninsula. We have bought several houses up to that time and he was by far the best realtor. You can’t do better than Hiep.

There are three things that stand out about Hiep. First, he has an extremely deep knowledge about the town of Los Altos. Each town is different and within a town each neighborhood has its own pluses and minuses. We went through about 20 houses in Los Altos and are very happy with the location of the house we ended up buying. The kids love biking around the cul de sac and playing with other kids on the street and our entire family loves walking to downtown for ice cream, Jumba Juice, and bookstores. His knowledge is also reflected in his great sense of a fair price for a particular house. When every $10,000 could make a difference, we feel that we received excellent advice on how to position our bid.

Second, Hiep is a very effective negotiator. It seems that most realtors try to press the buyer to bid high and the seller to offer low, and are more interested in getting the deal done than in trying and negotiating with the other side and helping the other side see the validity and the strength of their client’s position. On both the buying and the selling, Hiep was absolutely willing to take a strong offer to the other side and find a way to convince the other side to accept it. We didn’t feel any effort by Hiep to try to raise our bid beyond what we wanted when we were buying or lower our offer below what we wanted when we were selling. We got both deals done at a price where we felt good about.

Third, Hiep can and does handle everything for a seller. There was a great deal to do to put a house on the market – including, in our case, moderate landscaping, interior/exterior painting, and staging. Hiep completely took things off of our hands and dealt with everything for us. It was a real easy process for us. We sold the house within one week of putting it on the market, and Hiep got the last $5,000 we wanted on the price."- Soo and Jonathan Zhu


“Hiep was diligent and patient in working with us for almost a year based on the parameters we gave him in our search for a new home in Los Altos. Even after escrow closed, he was always available for any service request we had and rendered his help promptly and willingly. He is a true professional that I would endorse to any other home buyer.” - Ken & Penny K.


“Hiep’s diligence and attention to detail made our recent real estate purchase a breeze! He managed the inspections and resulting action items, answered all of our questions, and followed up on post-close actions promptly. We highly recommend working with Hiep.” – Yumie & Joe B.


“Our first home purchase couldn’t have been more smooth or effortless for us thanks to Hiep! His patience, expertise, timely advice and sense of humor were the most valuable assets for us throughout our search. Hiep has certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about him that makes people around him feel comfortable and confident; from the first time we met him, we knew we could trust him to look out for our interests.” – Ryland & Jiyeon D.