Mountain View LASD Closes Escrow on New School Site After years of collaboration with the City of Mountain View, the Los Altos School District (LASD) has closed escrow for 11.65 acres of land in Mountain View to accommodate a new school site and a community park. The process also included input from the Los Altos and Mountain View communities to resolve the current and […]
Uncategorized Los Altos Sponsors Its Annual New Year’s Day Fun Run The city of Los Altos’ annual New Year’s Day Fun Run is scheduled 9 a.m. Jan. 1 at the intersection of Main and State streets. The 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) race – with laps around Main, State and First streets – is open to all ages and all abilities – “anyone who wants to walk, run, roll […]
Uncategorized Santa Clara Valley Water District Offers Rebate Programs The Santa Clara Valley Water District has a variety of rebate and technical assistance programs for residential, landscape, commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural customers. There’s never been a better time to utilize these many programs. Join others who are saving water and money today. Before purchasing any equipment or beginning any project, visit valley water.org/programs/waterconservation.aspx […]
Uncategorized Just For The Holidays Every holiday season, St. Joseph’s Cathedral in downtown San Jose puts on a “Season of Hope”. Twelve straight nights of free concerts. It’s located across from Christmas in the Park and next to the Downtown Ice Rink. The cathedral is truly breathtaking and it’s a nice way to spend an evening with the family. See […]
Uncategorized Savvy Students Organize Tech Team at Santa Rita Written by Traci Newell, LATC Staff Writer A group of technologically literate students banded together at Santa Rita School this year to help teachers and students troubleshoot computer problems. At the beginning of the school year, three sixth-graders approached the school’s technology specialist, Diane Hutchinson, with the idea of forming a group to help resolve […]
Uncategorized Modest Bay Area Homes Hit Mind-Boggling Prices Excerpts From Article Written by Pete Carey – San Jose Mercury News Two years of tight supply and intense demand have pushed prices for modest Bay Area homes in trendy neighborhoods to mind-boggling heights. In Palo Alto, tiny homes sell for multiple millions of dollars. In Oakland’s sought-after Rockridge district, a home just sold for $500,000 […]
Uncategorized New K-8 Spark Public Charter School Coming to Sunnyvale in Fall 2015 On October 1, 2014, the Santa Clara Board of Education approved the opening of Spark Charter, a Free K-8 Public School in Sunnyvale. The school will: offer an exciting curriculum structured around authentic hands-on learning. Exploratory projects will be an integral part of the program – not just and add-on – designed to fully engage students, […]
Uncategorized Halloween Events Include Carnivals, Contests by Rebecca Wallace / Palo Alto Online Some neighbors may keep their porch lights off, but local ghosts, goblins and Disney princesses need not despair. This weekend, the Palo Alto area has several other spots for trick-or-treating and other Halloween festivities, including a garden mansion, downtown shops and a zoo. Music and dance events may […]
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Uncategorized Los Altos Library Storytelling Festival The inaugural Los Altos Library Storytelling Festival is scheduled 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 15 at the main library, 13 S. San Antonio Road. Residents ages 4 years and up are invited to join local and national artists as they share folklore, fairy tales and other original stories via one of the world’s oldest […]
Uncategorized Earthquake-Warning System Nearly Ready to Roll An estimated $54 million is needed to bring it to the public by Sue Dremann / Palo Alto Weekly A long-desired system for warning of imminent earthquakes on the West Coast is working and can accurately predict temblors, but a public roll-out won’t happen without more funding, a U.S. Geological Survey(USGS) scientist said recently. The USGS has tested […]
Uncategorized Update for MV & LA Residents: Council Moves Ahead with San Antonio Plan San Antonio plan adds 3,000 jobs and 1,200 homes by Daniel DeBolt / Mountain View Voice On Tuesday night the City Council decided it was prudent to add office space for 1,000 employees to the precise plan for the San Antonio shopping center and surrounding area, for a total 3,000 new jobs in an area slated for […]
Uncategorized Springer, a LASD School, Saves Energy While Funding School New technology, designed to cash in on energy reductions, used as a fundraiser by Kevin Forestieri / Mountain View Voice Why have a bake sale when you can turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat? A Bay Area tech company has partnered up with Springer Elementary School in a pilot program that would allow families to […]
Uncategorized The Kids YOU Give To Did you know that when you buy or sell a home w/ Intero in Silicon Valley and surrounding cities, you are also helping the community at the same time?  In the 3rd round of donations this year, The foundation gave $65,000 to 9 very deserving organizations: Far West Wheelchair Athletic Association (fwwaa.org) – Granted $7,200 to […]
Uncategorized Los Altos High and Mountain View High Ranks In the Top 1% of High School in the Nation CONGRATULATIONS LOS ALTOS HIGH AND MOUNTAIN VIEW HIGH!!!  Out of 25,000 public high schools nationwide, Los Altos High ranked 71st (up from 132nd in 2013) and Mountain View High ranked 189th (up from 229th in 2013)….. Each year, Newsweek ranks the nation’s high schools that best prepares students for college. The rankings, released last week, shows […]
Uncategorized San Jose / Sunnyvale / Santa Clara predicted to see 9.7% Gain In Housing Prices this Year. The housing market has improved over the past few years, and, according to a new report from Veros Real Estate Solutions, 2014 should be a decent year, but not nearly as strong in performance as the last few years. Although analysts from Barclays and Morgan Stanley expect home price gains to be in the seven-percent […]
Uncategorized Mountain View and Google join forces to offer residents a new connectivity plan. Over the next few months, city leaders and Google officials will explore the possibility of bringing Google Fiber to Mountain View homes. In the meantime, Google will provide new, free, public, outdoor Wi-Fi to the downtown corridor and will offer a $500,000 technology grant to the city. As part of the long-term proposal in the […]
Uncategorized Mountain View, Palo Alto, and Los Altos Hills Consider Water Conservation Measures. Joining 37 counties, cities, tribes and districts across California that have already enacted emergency proclamations during the ongoing drought, the Mountain View City Council April 1 activated Stage 1 of a four-stage Urban Water Management Plan. Although the ordinance does not mandate cutbacks, residents are asked to reduce water consumption by 10 percent voluntarily. With the […]
Uncategorized Sunnyvale City Council Approves Increase to Height Limits for Some Zoning Districts. The Sunnyvale City Council on April 8 approved a blanket increase to height limits for medium-density residential zoning districts to unify the city’s policy for townhouse and non-townhouse projects. The ordinance modifies the height limit for non-townhouse developments from two stories and 30 feet to match the standard for townhouse developments at three stories and […]
Uncategorized How many Realtors does it take to change a light bulb! The answer is an army of them in the local RSVP Program. For homeowners or renters who are advanced in years and are physically and financially challenged, tasks like replacing smoke detector batteries, flipping a mattress or washing the windows can pose a major challenge. For those who live on the Peninsula or in the […]
Uncategorized Two Bay Area Cities Rank in the Top 10 Happiest Cities in the US. Are you in a happy place? Healthways and Gallup wanted to find out the well-being of cities across the country. The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index measures Americans’ perceptions of physical and emotional health, healthy behaviors, work environment, social and community factors, financial security, and access to necessities such as food, shelter, and healthcare. Gallup conducted 500 […]