"You can't go wrong with Hiep."

"We met Hiep Nguyen nearly 10 years ago and we have our Bay Area realtor for life. We just completed the most complex of our 3 projects with Hiep and couldn't be more happy with the experience. First thing you need to know is Hiep has a tech background and it shows. He listens carefully to your goals, puts in place a plan to meet them and project manages execution as if his life depends on it.

For this latest project we had 'started' trying to prepare the house for sale ourselves and amid COVID chaos we were having a devil of a time. We couldn't get contractors to bid, let alone show up. The couple of jobs we got done had stings in their tail around scope / budget. and frankly it was taking us forever to get anywhere and driving us nuts. We called Hiep, explained the situation, within a week he had a plan in place, contractors swarming the house and costs lower than the few bids we managed to extract (Hiep organizes a professional job of what is needed, not what some contractors want to sell you....). He also handled all the little 'pop up' issues...quick text and he had folks showing up to take care of it....no cost creep.

Next step Hiep put the house on the market...and there were complexities; other houses going on the market at the same time and of course the constraints of the pandemic. Hiep pro-actively communicated with other folks in our area and masterminded timing such that we got multiple offers in a week and Escrow closed, with zero 'excitement' a couple of weeks later. We were delighted.

Finally....I would NEVER ask this of anyone and we were somewhat horrified when we found out but you need to know. In the days after we went live he had to have surgery. He checked in with us the day after and whilst still very much recovering was down at our property checking things out and making sure everything was going smoothly. This was beyond all calls of duty but gives you some idea of his dedication towards helping you through what can be a hugely stressful experience."

Simon and Steph Kershaw  |  Silicon Valley

"Having Hiep as my realtor was one of the best decisions that I made early in my home-buying process. Multiple work colleagues strongly recommended Hiep and from the very first point of contact to closing and beyond, he has been responsive, insightful and thorough. Even for someone who grew up in the local area, his insider knowledge of local neighborhoods and market trends far exceeded my own which proved invaluable.

Early in the process, he played an integral role in helping me better understand my needs and the essentials that I should prioritize in narrowing my search. With each home viewing, it was clear he was constantly adjusting to my input and responses. Soon, home after home seemed a better and better fit. With his guidance I was able to quickly identify many standouts while avoiding those homes that appeared great only on paper or in shiny, pretty pictures but ended up having major drawbacks that only a realtor like Hiep can truly appreciate.

When I finally found “the” home, he was able to quickly organize and mobilize to get my offer in on the ground floor, negotiate with the seller and ultimately get a great, fair price. And even after buying, his connections helped me quickly get in touch with trusted contractors and tradespeople to get my home move-in ready.

It is without any reservations that I recommend Hiep for any prospective home buyer. He is fully deserving of the high marks and praise from his former clients and he has shown incredible talent, patience and integrity throughout my homebuying experience."

Andrew N.  |  Portola Valley