Schools are an important component of the value that you receive from the location of your home. is a simple tool to get a quick picture of the local neighborhood schools assigned to a particular address. Enter the street address and city of the home you are interested in and a map will display the schools most likely assigned to this address.

Please note: Not all schools have capacity for new enrollments. It is always a good idea to check with the school district regarding school availability before making a home purchase based on this website.

Santa Clara County

Santa Clara Unified School District serves over 15,300 K-12 students and an additional 6,000 students in preschool through adult school. Neighborhoods in the Cities of Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Cupertino comprise the District's 56 square-mile area. Santa Clara Unified prides itself on having teachers, classified employees, and administrators who are dedicated, experienced professionals who care about each student's well-being and academic preparation.

Our schools offer reading, writing, mathematics, science, social science and physical education at the core of a comprehensive curriculum. Music and choral classes, art, foreign language, dramatic arts, a variety of career technical education classes and competitive athletics are some of the many programs which enrich our students' education. Our students have an abundance of opportunities to explore individual interests through these offerings.

San Mateo County

There are twenty-three school districts in San Mateo County.

Find information on district calendars, staff directories, websites, and maps; charter schools in San Mateo County; district and charter Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs) and budgets; and the California Schools Recognition Program at their website.